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Shop Owners Don't Really Have Time to Understand Social Media Advertising, NJ Social Media Ads is Here to Help.

The obvious choice for business owners is that Facebook and Google has the largest referral based marketing platform. Word about your business travels FAST! Facebook gives you that personal touch your customers deserve. But who has time to figure out how to place ads on all the search engine and social media advertising outlets? That is how we can help.

Established in 2012, Erin Piper has been serving the Jersey Shore & Tri-State area as a Branding Specialist and Social Media Advertiser.

Did you know that for each American dollar spent at small local shops, it has returns of upto 3 times more money into their local communities economy? Also, the returns are far greater than one spent at a big named mega-chain store. In truth, it is a benefit we all can bank on as it also lowers taxes for the community we live in.

Most Small Business owners state; "I have a business to run and have limited time or knowledge to tinker around on Social Media Outlets to figure out how to place their ads or understand this social marketing trend"!

Your Bottom Line: Advertising On Facebook, Google, and other social media channels creates a close knit personal connection with your community members as word about your business travels fast! That referral is your best customer because it is a tried and true referral based marketing strategy that creates repeated business that makes small shops thrive in even a bleak economy.

Erin Piper has been a four year seasoned veteran of facebook marketing trends and has spoken at various Chamber of Commerce meetings and Universities to keep marketing students and business owners In the Know of social media marketing trends and how to dramatically reduce their marketing costs with free word of mouth social media strategies.

Erin Piper
Social Media Advertiser & Branding Specialist Serving the Tri-State & Jersey Shore Area
Erin Piper
Social Media Consultant

Where Small Business Owners Serving The Jersey Shore & Tri-State Area Thrive Using The Latest Social Media Trends For Advertising

Why Do Small Businesses Need Facebook Advertising?
Bottom Line: Word travels fast in a small town. Your objective isn't to "gossip" on facebook all day long or search for customers. You are far too busy and you don't have time to figure out how that marketing strategy works. However, Facebook has over 800 million American consumers socializing and asking friends or family members about products and services they are interested in buying. As a Shop owner that advertises on facebook however, your product or service niche will be recognized through a unique technology that places your ad in front of that consumer based on that product or service "keyword".
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Social Media

With Over 400 Million Consumers Spending over 15 hours a week on Facebook, Any Savvy small business owner can Thrive with a small advertising budget. Our objective is to help you outsource the headaches of dealing with how to find that perfect customer using various social media plug-in platforms.

Internet & Email Marketing
Whether you are an Yoga/ Wellness Instructor that sells health products on the side or an Avon, Marykay, and/or a Sales Rep wanting to generate targeted leads.

One of the cutting edge ways to duplicate yourself is to create a lead generating and online business sales funnel. Our services will help customize one for you OR if you would like to do it yourself, we can help.

Search Engine Optimization

Got a Website?
Is It Getting Found On:
Our SEO experts use innovative and top trending techniques to ensure your website is found quickly and with ease.

Video Marketing

With video marketing, Erin has provided small businesses the unfair advantage over their competitors by combining helpful tips for businesses to show their customers experience while adding stealthy SEO marketing tips to increase their page rankings on Google.

Blog Article Writing.

Got a product or service to sell online?
Want to attract more patients to your office?

We provide a tasteful soft selling blog article written for your website. It is a surefire way to attract clients to your business without sounding like a pitchy use car salesmen.

Website Design

Need a website built?
We can help you do that too!

Every business is different and has
different needs. Our customized service offers a unique personal touch for every business.

Erin "Piper" has been professionally serving the Tri-State & Jersey Shore Business Community as a one stop connection for Facebook Advertising and Social Media Marketing Strategies since 2012.

Her passion to help the Jersey shore community began after Super Storm Sandy had devastated her hometown of Long Beach Island. Saddened to see so many of her old high school classmates being evicted from their homes and move into shelters was a heartbreaking experience. Especially when several of her friends were thriving business owners that lost everything.

The community needed to communicate how millions of Americans can help and Piper along with a few public officials used social media outlets to rebuild and as luck would have it, Piper was trained by skilled Facebook marketing professionals.

Today, the community is almost restored to pre-hurricane Sandy days and Piper has been doing public speaking engagements with several local chamber of commerces and universities to help teach business owners and marketing students the cutting-edge social marketing trends to help them thrive in an unpredictable market. She offers a variety of consultative services from Facebook Advertising, SEO , Copywriting, Article Blogging, and Website Creations. See the testimonials below if you would like to investigate more.


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